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Transferring Institute Credits


Transferring your Institute credits in not that complicated. Check this out!

In order to get institute credits transferred to BYU-Idaho, the courses must be taken for "Church University Credit". BYU-Idaho cannot accept a "report card" in place of an actual transcript.

Institute credits may be sent to BYU-Idaho either physically or electronically. For physical transcripts, please contact the BYU-Idaho Support Center for the address to send transcripts. Electronic transcripts must come via email from the institute director, secretary, or instructor (official email account) OR by following the steps below.

1. Log-in to your Church Account and go to the myInstitute Portal.  

2. Go to the "Graduation" Tab at the top of the myInstitute Portal.

3. Select "Request Credit Transfer"

4. Select "BYU-Idaho" in the drop-down menu and click "Send Request".

You're finished! Congratulations! Your Institute Transcripts will take the normal time allotted for credit evaluation and processing.

For further questions or concerns contact our Transcripts department at (208) 496-1046 or [email protected].


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