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How to transfer from PathwayConnect to Online

Updated Aug 12, 2021

The switch to Online is way easy!

You do not need to complete this application all at once. You can save your progress and then come back to it, signing in the same way. If you have questions about steps in this application, please complete this form

We are always improving the application, so this guide may look slightly different than what you see in the actual application.

Step 1| Begin

If you have completed PathwayConnect, go to

Scroll down to click on "Apply".

If you are starting directly into an online degree program without having completed PathwayConnect, please go to and select "Apply Now."

If you have applied to BYU or another school in the Church Educational System (CES) before, or registered for on-campus Church camps, such as EFY, or sports camps, you may already have a BYU Net ID. If you think you might have a BYU Net ID, select “Log in with BYU Net ID.” If you don’t have one, choose “Log in with Church Account.”

After selecting “Log in with BYU Net ID,” you will see a page that looks like the image below. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, click on “Need help logging in?” to recover them.

If you selected “Log in with Church Account,” you may see this account creation page. Be patient and wait for the Church Account Sign In box to appear. If you have a slow internet connection and can’t load the Church Account sign-in page, please complete this form.

Step 2 | Welcome

Write down your BYU Net ID so you will have it if you are asked for it in the future. 

Please note, this is NOT where you choose your university. Just keep going! From now on, there will be a “Save and Continue” option at the bottom of each page.

Step 3 | Privacy Notice

Read through the Privacy Notice, then click “Save and Continue.”

Step 4 | Identity

Fill in your name here. It is best to use the same name as the one in your Church records. Use this same name so you don’t make a second account. If you will be submitting transcripts from another university and your name will be different there (i.e. maiden name), be sure to include your other name by selecting “+ Add a former name” on this page.

Step 5 | School Selection

Here is where you select your university!

Step 6 | Information Release

This is a form that allows BYU-Idaho to get the transcripts from your institute classes and other work you have done. Click the box to acknowledge you have read and understand the release terms. Then select “Save and Continue.”

Step 7 | Educational Summary

In this section, you tell BYU-Idaho: 

  1. That you want to be an online student
  2. If you have completed PathwayConnect (or you have completed PC101 and PC102 and you are in the process of completing PC103)
  3. Select “Save and Continue”

Step 8 | Semester and Degree Program

Select the semester you are applying for and choose a major (or degree program). If you are wondering which certificates go with which degree programs, visit the Certificates and Degrees listing.

Remember, you can change your selection later. Click “Save and Continue.” 

If you are confused and don’t know what to do, please complete this form.

Step 9 | Citizenship

Fill in your citizenship information, then select “Save and Continue.”

Step 10 | Biographic

Step 11 | Miscellaneous

Step 12 | Religion

Step 13 | Education History (Secondary Ed and College/University)

If you answer “Yes,” then this page will open.

Fill in the country, then the state, and your university will appear for you to select. You can add all the universities you have attended on this page.

Then follow these instructions to request your transcripts.

If you answer “No,” this next question will appear.

If you attended a non-US accredited university outside of the United States, you don’t need to submit transcripts in your application. If you want to submit them, you can later - after you are accepted at BYU-Idaho.

Step 14 | Ecclesiastical Endorsement

Click “Begin Endorsement” to start your portion of the ecclesiastical endorsement process.

A new page will open with instructions for completing the endorsement. On the first page, select “Student” and then “Applicant.” Then select the blue text beginning with, “I am applying, returning…”

A new page will open with the CES Honor Code. Please read it, and if you agree to live by its standards, please select:

Fill out the information to select your Church unit (ward, branch, or mission). 

To find your ward, branch, or mission you can either: 

  1. Put in the name of your bishop, branch president, or mission president
  2. Put in the name of the ward, branch, or mission (but leave out the words ward, branch, or mission. So, “the Highland 18th Ward” would be entered as “Highland 18th” and the “Baltimore, Maryland Mission” would only be “Baltimore, Maryland”).

When you click on “Select,” this page will come up. Now, your endorsement request has been sent to your bishop/branch president/mission president. You can print these instructions and take them to your interview with your leader.

Step 15 | Status & Submission

Make sure that everything is complete.

If you have not requested transcripts, you will have four check marks. If you have requested transcripts, you will have five check marks (see below)

Don’t submit until everything is checked!

If you have successfully submitted, you will see “Submitted” and the date on your Status page.

Please do NOT reopen your submission to see if it has been accepted! The computer system will see this as a new submission and send it to the end of the line of those being processed.

Decision - Admissions

I Didn't Get My Decision Email!

  1. Go back to your application and look at Status. Does it say Submitted?
  2. If it says Submitted, click on View Decision on the Status page. 
  3. If View Decision says that you have received an offer, then your email has been sent. If you want to find the email, look in your Inbox, then your SPAM or Junk folder.

Did you know that you can accept your offer at View Decision on the Status page? Just click on it and your decision will come up! You can accept your offer by clicking on the link in that message. 

Remember that you must never accept your offer using someone else's email. You need to use YOUR email to accept YOUR offer.

Accept Offer

Why Does BYU-Idaho Ask Me If I am Married?

After you accept your offer, you may see a question about your marital status. The reason you are seeing this now is that BYU-Idaho wants to be sure that students know that marital status is not considered in being accepted to BYU-Idaho. It's okay - just answer the question. It helps them to know more about the students who are enrolled. 


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