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Applying to BYU-Idaho

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Applying to BYU-Idaho is easy! The process also includes creating a BYU Provo Net ID and linking your church account. Your Church Account will need to be tied with your membership record number.

Step 1: Open your internet browser and navigate to the Admissions website (We recommend using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). For Step 1, verify that your Membership Record Number (MRN) is connected to their church account. If not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you will need to create a guest log-in. Step 2, you create a BYU Account (NetID), which will need to be connected to your application during the application process. If you already have a BYU Account (NetID), the do not need to create a new one. To begin applying, clicks “Apply Now” in the Step 3 box.

Step 2: You will be prompted to log in with your church account.

Step 3: You will taken to your application’s status page. It will fill with more detail after you begin the application. To begin, click “Begin Application”

Step 4: Complete the Profile section of the application as shown below.

Step 5: Fill out the contact information: name, address, etc.


You will be prompted to create a BYU Account (netid), or connect your BYU Account (netid) if you have one. There will be links to do both and you just need to follow directions. Once it's properly linked, your "BYU ID" will show as below, and you can click "Save and Continue" to move on.


Step 6: You will then be prompted to enter personal information regarding citizenship, language, biographic, background, and affiliation. Note, some requests for information are optional. When you've completed the required sections you can hit "Save and Continue."


Step 7: If you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, your membership information will pull through. If you are not a member, you will be able to indicate religious preference. You will then need to agree to the Honor Code, after which you can click "Save and Continue."

Step 8: You will then begin to let BYU-Idaho know what type of student you are applying as. Here you can indicate if you want to pursue a degree, or if you will be taking classes as a concurrent enrollment student or non-matriculated student.


Depending on your selection, there will be more questions or information given. You should follow directions and answer accordingly. If you are applying to earn a degree you will also be asked to indicate a semester you're applying for, and which degree you're interested in.

Step 9: Upon completing the Educational Summary the Profile section should show as complete. You should now be in the "Academics section." At any time, you can return to the Profile section by clicking on the "Profile" drop down icon on the left, and clicking on the desired profile section.

You should now indicate which High School situation best describes your current circumstances. If you indicate that you've earned more than 24 college credits after high school, you'll likely not be asked to give high school information.


Step 10: If you have attended an accredited high school, you will be prompted to search for your high school. You should click "Search" and then follow directions. You'll also enter an anticipated or actual graduation date. If you indicate you will or have received a GED or other state approved secondary education equivalency exam, or click none of the above, you'll not be prompted to enter high school information. You should follow the directions given to you.

High school and home school applicants will be prompted to self-report their unweighted cumulative GPA. If you click "Weighted" GPA you'll be prompted to enter all of your grades. It is encouraged for you to talk to your high school to find out your unweighted GPA as this is an easier route.


Congratulations! You've applied to BYU-Idaho! We hope to see you soon!

To see how to accept your Track Assignment, see Accepting Your Track Assignment and Creating Your BYU-I Account.

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