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How to Apply for BYU-Idaho

Updated Aug 10, 2021

Applying to BYU-Idaho is easy!

Open your internet browser and navigate to (We recommend using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

Select “Apply to BYU-Idaho”

Select “Don't have an account” or sign in using your Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Account

Create a Net ID and Password

Sign in with the Net ID and password you created



Select "Apply" under "BYU-Idaho"

The first section of the Application is the "Profile", in which you will acknowledge the Authorization and Release, fill out the Educational Summary, tentatively select your major and enter your first semester, mark your citizenship, include your emergency contact information, and answer the biographic and miscellaneous questions, clicking "Save and Continue" after each step.

If you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you will also need to link your church account with your application.  A walk-through of this process can be found at

After completing this step, you will then report on your seminary attendance.


The second section of the Application is the "Academics" section, in which you will answer questions about your High School, include any credits from other universities, and self-report your transcript and test scores, again selecting "Save and Continue" after each step.


The next step of the application is the Ecclesiastical Endorsement, that can be completed as follows:

The last step is to pay any fees and then Submit your Application by clicking the 'Submit Application' button at the bottom of the page

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