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How to Accept your Offer at BYU-Idaho

Updated Aug 13, 2021

We are glad you've decided to come to BYU-Idaho!

Accepting an Admissions Offer

The Admissions Office will send you an email with an admissions decision. Within the email, you will find a PDF document detailing each step you must take to:

1) Respond to your admissions offer

2) Learn about enrollment options at BYU-Idaho

3) Complete the New Student Checklist

NOTE: Campus students will receive a track assignment. Online students will NOT receive a track assignment. However, the wording and steps below will be the same, regardless of your enrollment status. 

Respond to Your Admission Offer

1.     Go to the Response Page Link found in your email. You will need to login using the same credentials you used for applying to the University.

2.     Campus students will then be redirected to the following page. Please accept your offer to BYU-Idaho in order to continue.

NOTE: If you are planning on leaving for a mission, please select "Yes, I plan to enroll in classes starting Fall 2020". Further steps for mission deferments may be made after you accept your offer.

3.     You will then be redirected to this page. Please choose a major; you may change your major later by contacting the Advising Office or follow the steps found in the Grad Planner Help Guides.

4.     You will then be directed to this page to create your BYU-Idaho username, password, and secret question. DO NOT lose this information!

NOTE: Your username CANNOT be changed after creation and will be used for your school email. Please create appropriate usernames.

5.     If you have any personal information missing, you MUST fill out the information in the next box. Failure to do so will result in ineligibility of financial aid, scholarships and campus employment.

6.     You will then be taken to the Review and Submit page, where the information provided thus far will be displayed. If everything looks accurate, click the submit button.

6.     The following page will include your I-number, BYU-I username, BYU-Idaho email, Control Email, Major Information and Academic Planning Information. Please record this information as you may need it for future reference as well as verifying your identity as a student.

7.     CONGRATULATIONS! You are officially admitted to Brigham Young University - Idaho! Don't forget to go through the New Student Checklist for information on housing, financial aid, class schedules, advising, etc. Be sure to check out the Current Student Guides for more screenstep tutorials on advising, finances, and more.

Your username and password will become active after 1 hour; after which, you will have access to your BYU-Idaho student account. Your student email will become active within 24 hours.


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