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Applying for an Online Degree

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Applying to be an Online student is way easy!

You do not need to complete this application all at once. You can save your progress and then come back to it by signing in the same way. If you have questions about steps in this application, please complete this form

We are always improving the application, so this guide may look slightly different than what you see in the actual application.

Step 1: Begin Application

Go to Apply to Church Schools and select the yellow box to apply to BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

Select "Sign In" to start the BYU-Pathway Worldwide Online (also known as BYU-I Online) Degree Application.

Step 2:  Application Summary

On the next page, select "Begin Application"

Step 3: Terms & Conditions

Read through the Terms & Conditions, then click “Save & Continue.”

Step 4: Personal Information

Fill in your name here. It is best to use the same name as the one in your Church records. Use this same name so you don’t make a second account. If you will be submitting transcripts from another university and your name will be different there (i.e. maiden name), be sure to include your other name by selecting “+ Add a former name” on this page.

Step 5: Applicant Type

Answer the questions on this page to determine what type of student you will be considered (new, transfer, etc), and choose what you would like to study!

Step 6: Background

Make honest selections regarding your legal background, and select "Save & Continue."

Step 7: Educational History

Complete this section based on any past schooling you have received (college and/or high school).

Step 8: Account Linking

Follow the steps in this portion of the application carefully so we can successfully receive your transfer credits.

Once you have successfully linked a BYU account to your application, the account username will appear on your application.

Step 9: Ecclesiastical Endorsement

Click “Begin Endorsement” to start your portion of the ecclesiastical endorsement process.

A new page will open with the CES Honor Code. Please read it, and if you agree to live by its standards, please select:

Fill out the information to select your Church unit (ward, branch, or mission). 

To find your ward, branch, or mission you can either: 

  1. Put in the name of your bishop, branch president, or mission president
  2. Put in the name of the ward, branch, or mission (but leave out the words ward, branch, or mission. So, “the Highland 18th Ward” would be entered as “Highland 18th” and the “Baltimore, Maryland Mission” would only be “Baltimore, Maryland”).

When you click on “Select,” this page will come up. Now, your endorsement request has been sent to your bishop/branch president/mission president. You can print these instructions and take them to your interview with your leader.

Step 10: Status & Submission:

Make sure that everything is complete, and don’t submit your application until everything is checked!

After submitting your application, you can return to this page to view the status of your application.

Decision - Admissions

The "Decision" section of your application will be checked once a decision has been made.

I Didn't Get My Decision Email!

  1. Go back to your  application summary. Does it say "Submitted"?
  2. If it says Submitted, look at the "Decision" section. 
  3. If "Decision" says that you have received an offer, then your email has been sent. If you want to find the email, look in your Inbox, then your SPAM or Junk folder.

Did you know that you can accept your offer at "Decision" on the application summary page? Just click on it and your decision will come up! You can accept your offer by clicking on the link in that message. 

Remember that you must never accept your offer using someone else's email. You need to use YOUR email to accept YOUR offer. 

Accept Offer

Why Does BYU-Idaho Ask Me If I am Married?

After you accept your offer, you may see a question about your marital status. The reason you are seeing this now is that BYU-Idaho wants to be sure that students know that marital status is not considered in being accepted to BYU-Idaho. It's okay - just answer the question. It helps them to know more about the students who are enrolled. 

Congratulations! You're now a student of BYU-Idaho.


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