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Adding a Non-Student Spouse


How to add a Non-Student Spouse in the new Student Profile Tab

Note: We no longer need to contact Student Records and Registration to make these changes.

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Click on "View Profile".

Next, click "Change" to the right of "Marital Status".

If spouse is a non-student the student will have the option to create an account for them.

Student will need to fill out the required information and select "Create & Print Form" before continuing.

They will then need to upload pictures of the requested "Create Non-Student Spouse Account" and "Marriage License" Forms. They will first be shown a sample then asked to upload their own images.

Lastly, they will confirm their information is correct before selecting "Finished."

If the student chooses not to create an account for their non-student spouse, they will follow the normal process for changing their Marital Status, starting with requesting their desired status change.

Next, they will upload the required documents.

Lastly, they will confirm their information is correct and then select "Finished."


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