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Requesting a Transcript


Note: If you are wanting to order an Official Transcript, please follow the steps below. If you are wanting to view your Unofficial Transcript, see Viewing Your Unofficial Transcripts.

For information in the difference between Official and Unofficial Transcripts, see Official or Unofficial.

We can't wait to help you order your transcript easily from home!

1.     Please go to

2.    Click the "Order Official Transcript" button.

3.     You will be required to login to your account. If you do not remember your login information, see "How do I get a BYU-Idaho username or password for a new student or alumni?" found in Username & Password FAQs.

4.     If you are wanting to send your transcripts to another Church School, select it. If you are wanting to send it to another institution (not listed), yourself, or a third party, click "Select" under "Other Recipient".

        Note:If you are sending transcripts to Pathway, then  you will need to select "Other Recipient."


4a.     If sending transcripts to a CES Institution (BYU, BYU-Hawaii or Ensign College), select when you want your transcript to be sent to the other college (Now, When Grades Post or When Degree Posts). Once you click "Okay" on the pop-up, your transcripts will be sent. There are no fees for sending transcripts to CES Schools.

4b.     If this is your first time using the transcript system and you are sending your transcript to another institution, you will be directed to the registration page in our transcript vendor’s transcript ordering portal (see below). Parchment is the name of our vendor.

 Note: If you are sending transcripts to Pathway, after adding your information, in step 2, select "Send to Yourself, Another Individual, or Third Party" and write this email [email protected]

    Upon completion, of the registration page, you will be sent to the transcript order page. You will then choose the product type (e.g., PDF, mailed, or pickup). Continue by entering your order details and billing info to pay for the request and finalize your order.

5.     CONGRATULATIONS! Your transcripts have been ordered! You can check on the status of your transcript order. For steps, see Checking Status of Ordered Transcript.  

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