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Using the Registration Portal

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Using the registration portal can be tricky to use; this is the guide for you!

Step 1: Sign into the website .

Step 2: Hover on registration and select "Add/Drop Courses".

Step 3: Once redirected to the registration website, make sure you are on the student tab.

Step 4: One of the easiest ways to look for a class is by using the "Course Code" option but feel free to use the Course title

Step 5: Now you will select the box on the left to select a course and at the bottom of the screen you will "Add Course" in order to put it on your schedule. Make sure you look for open seats and that you are on the correct semester.

Step 6: In order to Drop a class you will mark the box to the left of your "Schedule" and then select "Drop Selected Courses"

Congratulations! You have now been able to add or drop courses

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