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Requesting an I-Card

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This article will help you request an I-card. This card is a form of school identification, currency, and can be used to gain access to buildings.  

Step 1: To request an I-card you must first go to the school's website and enter "I-Card" in the search engine.

Step 2: Select the first option that comes up:

Step 3: Using the Financial Services page select "On- Campus Students".

Step 4: This will lead you to the Student Express page with options. Select the Request an I-card option.


Step 5: Upload an appropriate picture of yourself, then request your I-card.

There will be a team that reviews and approves the picture. As they are approved, your card will be printed and you will receive an email in your school email saying that the I-Card can be picked up at student express in the Manwaring Center.
After the first two weeks of school I- cards can be picked up at Kimball 130.

Congratulations! You just submitted a request for your I-card.

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