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I-Learn / Canvas Walkthrough

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I-Learn/Canvas is the database that BYU-I uses to give students access to their classes online. Teachers will post announcements and assignments here.

Login to your BYUI and click on "Canvas (I-learn)" on the side bar.

You will be redirected to a page to Authenticate to use Canvas. Click on "BYU-IDAHO LOGIN".

This is the Canvas Dashboard. All of your courses' announcements and upcoming assignments will appear here. If you click on the announcement, it will take you to the full message. If you click on the assignment, it will take you to where you can turn it in.

Courses will open a pop-out window with all of your courses for the semester. All Courses will take you to a page with your current and past courses.

If a course is not appearing on the pop-out, you can select All Courses. It will take you to the following page where you can make sure that all of your courses for the current semester are selected. (If your course is not appearing in All Courses, contact your teacher to see if they have posted it yet.)

Clicking on a course will bring you to its specific Home screen.

On the right side are your upcoming assignments for that specific course.

Modules (on the left side) takes you to a screen with additional material and information that you will need for the course. 

Each of the other links on the left are useful while navigating your course as well.

Calendar connects you to a calendar where your classes' assignments are posted for each day.

Inbox takes you to your Canvas inbox. Some teachers choose to send announcements here or use it to message you personally. (The Canvas inbox is separate from your BYU-I email. Turning on email notifications for your Inbox will allow you to get all Canvas messages in your BYU-I email.)

Account opens a pop-out window where you can access your settings and notifications and set your profile picture.

Notifications will take you to a page to manage your account notifications.

Congratulations! You have completed the Canvas walkthrough.

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