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Changing Your Name

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It is easy to change your name so it shows up the way you want it to!

(Note: If your last name is showing up twice, go to myBYUI, select under the profile Profile tab "Preferred Name" option. You most likely listed a first and last name in this field when it only asks for your first name. If you remove your last name in that field and save the changes, it should fix the problem.)

Step 1: Sign in to your myBYUI account, then click on "Info" under Tools and select " My Demographic Profile"

Step 2: Click "Change" to the right of your name.

Step 3: Select the reason for the change next.

Step 4: Fill out the info requested on the page that pops up and then select "Next."

Step 5: Upload a picture of your Social Security card. BYU-I requires the name change match the name on the Social Security card. (Intentional students may ideally use their passport or any official document from their country)

Step 6: Confirm that all the information is correct, then, click "Finished." This will submit their name change request.

Congratulations! Now you are able to change your name!!!

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