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Registering for Classes

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Registration for classes starts about two months before the new semester begins. For exact registration dates, see Registration Dates & Deadlines. (Your personal registration date and time is based on the amount of credits you have earned.)

To add a course once your registration opens:

Step 1: Go to and select login. Then login with your BYU-I Credentials.

Step 2: Hover on the registration widget and the add/drop option will show. Go ahead and click on that.

Step 3: The Student tab will be open. Scroll and click on the add/ drop button.

Step 4: Scroll towards the bottom of the page to the section which says Course Search. There are 6 different categories you can fill out. If you have questions about what each section means, click on the blue circle with a question mark inside it.


- For best results, use only two or three of the search criteria boxes (i.e. subject and course code, or class type and subject) at a time.

- When searching in the course code box, use only the numbers of the course code instead of the full course code.

- It may take some trial and error to find the class you need. If filling out the course title or the course code doesn't work, try just filling out the first three fields and going through the pages of search results.

- If you want to use the full course code, There must be 5 characters before you enter in any numbers. So if you were searching FDENG 301, you would enter in FDENG301 without a space between the characters and the numbers. But if you were searching for B 100, you would need to enter 4 spaces between the letter and numbers so that the total number of letter spaces is 5, like this: "B    100".

Search Results

This will take you to the search results page.

  1. For more info about a class, click on the blue link of the course code here
  2. If you see a class you want, click on this checkbox
  3. When you have selected the Add box on all the classes you want, click the green Add Courses button at the bottom of the page

If the class was added successfully, you will see a message like the one below on the next page with the course code of the class you added. You will be taken back to the original Class Schedule page.

Congratulations! You can now successfully register for your classes.

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