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Requesting an Exception to Add a Course


Sometimes students have special situations where they need to add a course that is already full or may qualify to take a course without the need to take the listed prerequisites or requirements. In these cases you may request an exception to add a course.

Not able to add a Class

If you try to register for a course and you get this error message, select the link to see if you qualify to request an exception. You may qualify if:

  • This is the last course you need for graduation
  • You have transfer credits that meet the prerequisite requirements

To see if you would qualify for an exception to add a course, click on the link provided in the error message.

Information Page

The link will bring you to this information page. If you meet the qualifications, follow the instructions below.

For Campus or Remote Courses: contact the instructor

For Online Courses: Click on the link for the "Course Authorization Request Form" to fill out the request to add the class. Follow the instruction given.

Unable to access link

If you are unable to click the link or the link is broken, here is the link to the Information Page:



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