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Requesting an Exception to Add a Course

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Sometimes there are special circumstances where students need to add a course that is already full or take a course without the listed prerequisites or requirements. In these cases, you can request an exception to add a course. You may qualify if:

  • This is the last course you need for graduation
  • You have transfer credits that meet the prerequisite requirements

Step 1: If you try to register for a course and you get this error message, follow the directions given based on the type of course you wish to request an exemption. (On-Campus, Remote, or Online) 

1. If you want an exception to register for an On-Campus or Remote course, contact the instructor.

2. If you want an exception to register for an online course, click the link provided in the error message. 

Note: the Online Course Authorization form is ONLY for Online Courses.

Step 2: If you followed the link to request an exception to add an online course, fill out the information requested in the form shown below.

Step 3: If you are unable to click the link or it is broken, please follow this link to the Online Course Authorization form:

Congratulations! Now you know how to request an exception to add a course.

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