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Changing Your Religious Affiliation


How to change your Religious Affiliation in the new Student Profile Tab

NOTE: If a student is listed as something other than “Latter-day Saint” in their “Religious Affiliation” tab they will have a “Request Change” button (similar to name change or marital status change requests). This “Request Change” will provide the student an opportunity to request to change their religious affiliation to “Latter-day Saint” or any other denomination. If they request to change to “Latter-day Saint” the student is required to upload a document in order to have their religious affiliation changed to “Latter-day Saint.” This process is similar to name change or marital status change requests which also require documents be uploaded. A student who wants to change from something other than “Latter-day Saint” to any other denomination but not “Latter-day Saint” can do so without documentation.

Sign in to your myBYUI account

Click on "View Profile"

Scroll down to "Religious Affiliation" and click on "Request Change"

You will then need to update your Ward Unit Number:

If you experience the following error, please follow the instructions and contact your Bishop or Ward Clerk.


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