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Choosing What Charges Will be Paid by Federal Financial Aid


Federal aid will automatically pay for tuition charges, class fees, and on campus housing. Completing the Federal Financial Aid Authorization allows you to decide how your federal funds pay for your other charges.

To update or change your federal aid authorization:

Log into your my.byui account and click on the 'Finances' Tab. Then select the 'View My Account and Make Payments' box in the middle of your screen. 

Scroll down to 'Financial Aid Authorization' in the bottom right-hand corner of the page and click the 'modify' button on the 'Personal Accounts' website. 

Read the information in the new window, and consider your options. 

If 'Yes' is selected: 

1. Auto pay all charges on your account

2. Eases the burden of the beginning of the semester 

3. Option can be changed at any time

If 'No' is selected: 

1. Auto pays only tuition, on-campus housing, and class fees

2. Places more responsibility on you at the beginning of the semester

3. Option can be changed at any time 

Scroll to the bottom of the page, select your option, then click 'Save Authorization' to complete the Federal Financial Aid Authorization.

Great job, you have no submitted your choice of for how your charges will be paid with federal aid! 


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