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Making a Payment

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Paying online through Personal Account is easy, convenient and secure. Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Discover, American Express) will include a service fee of 2.75% for US cards and 4.25% for international cards

Step 1: Login to your BYU-I account, scroll down and click on "Personal Financial Account"

Step 2: Click on "Make Payment or Deposit"

Step 3: Click on "Make a Payment"

Step 4: In this section select payment

  1. (Note: If the semester you want to pay tuition for has not yet begun, there will be an anticipated charge based on the number of credits you registered for. If this is the case, you may make a deposit on your account which will automatically pay your tuition when it is charged on the first day of the semester
  2. You also can select from "Available items"

Step 5: Enter the amount of the charge you wish to pay and click "Checkout"

Step 6: Select payment method and click "Continue"

Note: If you are wanting to split your payment between two different accounts/methods, finish the first payment and restart these steps to make another payment.

Step 7: Confirm details and proceed to "Pay"

Congratulations! You can successfully make a payment.

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