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Resolving Holds


Holds are placed on your account to ensure you are prepared to register for courses each semester. Holds will prevent you from registering if they are not resolved.

You can resolve holds in the Holds tab or the Student tab on your BYU-I account. You will need to resolve each hold individually.

Log in to your BYU-Idaho Account at

Scroll down until you see the "Manage Your Courses" section. On the red "Holds" ribbon, click on "See More" on the right-hand side.

The next page will show a list of your current holds. Click on "Resolve" beneath each hold for instructions on how to resolve the hold.

**If the hold is still on your account after resolving it and refreshing the page, follow the next few steps**

Return to your BYU-Idaho account home screen

Scroll down and click on "Add/Drop Courses"

Click on "refresh holds"


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