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Canceling a Tutoring Appointment

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If you are looking to cancel a tutoring appointment, doing so is easy! Just follow these steps!

Step 1: Log-in to your BYU-Idaho account.

Step 2: Navigate to the resources on the left side of the window and click on I-Plan under the "Resources" tab.

Step 3: Click on the "Tutoring" icon.

Step 4: It will take you to the Tutoring page. Click "View All" under the "My Appointments" tab.

Step 5: Go to the date on which your appointment is scheduled and click on the appointment.

Step 6: A tab should open up with the options to "Save Appointment" and "Cancel Appointment." Click "Cancel Appointment."

Step 7: It will ask you why you're canceling your appointment. Simply type in why you are canceling the appointment.

Congratulations! You've canceled your tutoring appointment!

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