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Requesting a Mentor

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Here are steps to request a mentor to help you succeed in your college experience. From one-on-one settings to small group workshops, students meet regularly with mentors to achieve their goals.

Step 1: Sign into your BYU-Idaho account.

Step 2: Once signed in, on the search bar type in "Peer Mentoring".

Step 3: Select the first link with heading "Peer Mentoring"

Step 4: There are four options to choose from. Select the one that best suites your need.

Step 5: For example, if you were to select Skills Mentoring click on "Request a Life Skills Mentor"

Step 6: Follow given prompts to sign up for a mentor. Steps 5 and 6 also applies to other mentoring resources you might have chosen.

Good job! You have successfully accessed the application for requesting a mentor.

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