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Registering for an Internship

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Internships are a core part of some majors and will help develop essential skills for the future.

Step 2: Here there are several options depending on what you need, but selecting "Explore Internships Steps" is a great way to register for an internship

There are many different resources available so feel free to explore the different options available.

Step 5: Select the "Handshake" option

Step 6: Follow the prompts and select "Get Started". This will lead you to filling basic information about yourself to best find you an appropriate internship

Once the top bar has been filled you have successfully put yourself out there and given yourself options on how to register!

Internship Requirements can be found here under Internship Requirements, other internship questions can be found here at Internship Basics. You can also refer to the Faculty Internship Coordinator over your major for additional questions.

Congratulations on registering for an internship!

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