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Enrolling in eRefund

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eRefund is used to help students quickly and efficiently receive refunds on their tuition or other credits on their account, directly into their bank account. It is also a faster method to receive financial aid money or any other refunds.

Step 1: Login to your myBYUI account and click on "Pay tuition"

Step 2: Click on "Make Payment or Deposit".

Step 3: Once in CashNet, click "Overview".

Step 4: Select "Sign up for direct deposit refunds!"

Step 5: A pop up on the right hand of your screen will appear once this is clicked. Read through the agreement and click, "I agree to these Terms & Conditions" and press "Continue".

Step 6: Enter your bank account information then press "Continue".

Step 7: Verify eRefund bank is enrolled then press "Save".

Step 8: If your bank has been enrolled in eRefund successfully, it will appear in "My Account" in the section "Direct deposit refunds"

*It takes 3-4 business days after signing up for eRefund for the funds to show in your personal bank account.

Congratulations! You have enrolled for a Direct Deposit eRefund.

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