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Opting Out of AutoAccess Material

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Opting out of AutoAccess helps you make sure you don't get charged for material you won't end up using.

Be sure to check with your Instructor before opting-out to ensure the AutoAccess material isn't required to complete the course.

Step 1: Start by navigating to I-Learn from the myBYUI webpage.

Step 2: Once inside the I-Learn system, select the course for which you'd like to opt-out of the AutoAccess material. Select "Course Materials" in the left navigation of the course.

Step 3: To opt-out, select the orange "Want to opt-out?" button.

Step 5: To complete the opt-out decision, select your reason for opting out and then click the orange "Opt Out" button.

Good job! You have now opted out of your AutoAcesss material.

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