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Applying for a Certificate

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Note: If you are wanting to receive a Certificate at the end of Summer Session, OR you do NOT have a myBYUI account, please fill out the Certificate Application.

Getting credit for what you have done is important and this can be done by applying for a certificate.

Step 1: Sign in to your myBYUI account, select "Academic", and then "Degree Audit"

Step 2: Select "Diploma or Certificate Application" from the list on the left-hand side of the page

Step 3: Click on "Add New Application" and then "Certificate"

Step 4: Select the bubble next to "Certificate(s) and then Continue to Application Details

Step 5: Fill in the required Information

1. In "Catalog Year" select the option where your certificate is applicable. *

2. In "Certificate" select the certificate that you are applying for.

3. In "Graduation Semester/Year" select the semester when you anticipate that you will complete all certificate requirements.

Then click on "Continue to Certificate Name and Address"

*To determine the appropriate catalog selection, please refer to the BYU-Idaho Academic Catalog.

Step 6: Verify Your Information

Verify your information (Name and Address), edit if necessary;

then click on "Continue to Confirmation."

Step 7: Save Application

Step 8: Review the information again, if correct click on "Save Application and Finish".

Please note: Diplomas and Certificates will be printed and mailed 6-8 weeks after final grades post.

Congratulations! You have successfully applied for a certificate.

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