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Complaints and Grievances

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When a student has feedback about an instructor, they can choose to submit one of the following:

  • Complaint: Helps an instructor to be aware of concerns students have. The instructor will be notified of the complaint, and the student's identity will remain confidential. Ticket as "Academic: Complaints & Grievances".
  • Grievance: In the complaint form the student should select Not Anonymous: Specific action taken. A grievance becomes necessary if a student is requesting that some sort of immediate action be taken. (ie. they want an unfair grade changed or want something fixed for the current semester). If a grievance is submitted, the student CANNOT remain confidential. Ticket as "Academic:Complaints & Grievances".

If you wish to submit a complaints and grievance form, these are the steps to do so.

Step 1

Follow this link to the Complaints and Grievances Form.

Step 2

Click on request service on the right top corner of the screen.

Step 3

Fill out the form and submit.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed a complaints and grievance form!

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