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Creating an Alternate Plan in Grad Planner

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Changing your Minor or Adding a Cluster is simple!

Open your internet browser and search (We recommend using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

Step 1: In the search bar type "Majors, Minors and Clusters"

Step 2: The article titled "Majors, Minors and Clusters" is the one that will be selected

Step 3: From here you can select either of the "Visit the Catalog" to see what Minors or Clusters are available

Step 4: Select the "Degrees & Certificates" tab and from there you can find any cluster, minor and major available at BYU-I.

Step 5: Selecting a department will lead to further information on what is available including course requirements

Once you know what Cluster or Minor you want we will go back to the and log into your account

Step 6: Hover over Registration and Select "MY Grad Plan"

Step 7: In the new page, select "Campus & Online" to access your Grad Plan.

Step 8: Click on "Grad Planner".

Step 9: As you enter your Grad Planner, you will see your current Declared Plan. Below, select "Create Alternate Plan"

Step 10: Click on either "Add Minor or Cluster"

In the search bar you will select the minor or cluster you would like to take (you will be made aware if you can add it or not in red text)

Step 11: Select the given Minor or Cluster

Step 12: Select the Catalog Year that you would like to take it in

Step 13: Then select "Start Planning"

Step 14: Title your plan accordingly and select "Ok"

Congratulations on creating an alternate plan!

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