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Viewing Financial Aid Offers


*Note: the offers and information you see in these screen shots are examples only and do not reflect your personal offers. 

1. Go to and select the Sign In button in the upper right corner of the screen

2. Select Financial Aid Portal.

3. You will be brought to the STUDENT PORTAL dashboard.

Viewing Offers

There will be two options the student can choose from:

1.  The Financial Aid tab on the left side of the portal

2.  The Review & Accept Financial Aid link in the center of the dashboard in the Financial Aid box

Aid by Academic Year

To view offered aid for a specific semester, select the correct Academic Year from the drop down menu in the middle of the page


When viewing Gift Aid, it will show:

1. The type of aid given

2. The semesters which they will be applied to

3. The amounts for each semester

4. The gross and net amounts (these amounts will be the same)

When viewing Loans, it will show:

1. The type of loans offered

2. Whether the loan has been accepted (The loan will not show if the loan has been declined. It will only show the Accepted/Offered status. If the loan has been declined, it will disappear from the portal).

3. The semesters which they will be applied to

4. The amounts for each semester

5. The gross amount (total amount of loan you will have to repay)

6. The net amount (amount of loan you will receive: gross amount - origination fee)

7. Info on maximum eligibility

When you click on a certain semester under Gift Aid or Loans it will bring up a pop-up box

The pop-up box will show you more details about the aid you were given, such as the amount of aid given to you. 


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