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Accepting / Declining Federal Loans



Log-In to your BYU-I account

Financial Aid Portal

Select Financial Aid Portal.

Portal Dashboard

You will be brought to the STUDENT PORTAL dashboard. There will be two options the student can choose from:

1.  The Financial Aid tab on the left side of the portal

2.  The Review & Accept Financial Aid link in the center of the dashboard in the Financial Aid box


Select Review and Update under the Loans section

1. If you would like to accept the full gross amount, select the Accept the Full Gross Amount Available option.

2. If you would like to decline the full gross amount, select the Decline the Full Gross Amount Available option. (The loan will not show if the loan has been declined. It will only show the Accepted/Offered status. If the loan has been declined, it will disappear from the portal. If you are still undetermined about accepting the loan, do not decline it, just leave it as offered so you can still view the loan.)

3. If you would like to accept a specific gross amount, select the Accept a Specific Gross Amount option.

4. If you choose the last option, input the amount in the box below the same option.

5. Save Changes

NOTE: You may increase or decrease your accepted loan amount any time before your loan disburses. After the loan has disbursed for the semester, you may only increase your loan amount. If you have a loan for a future semester, you may decrease that portion of your loan until it disburses.


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