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Self-Scheduling an Advising Appointment

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If you are looking to make an Advising Appointment you are in the right spot!

Step 1: Login to BYU-Idaho account.

Step 2: Navigate to Resources on the left hand side of the window and click on I-plan.

Select "Academic Advising"

Step 3: Select the "New Appointment" section in the new screen.

Step 4: Select a Topic

Step 5: You can select a topic such as your current major or other topics by selecting the "Other Topics" tab and searching. Make sure to select the issue you would like to address with an advisor by selecting the circle.

Step 6: Once you have selected a topic you will then need to "Select a Reason". Followed by selecting any of the options it gives you that best matches your issue.

Step 7: Now we can select a time and date for the appointment by selecting "Choose an Appointment"

Step 8: The easiest way to find an available time is to select "Skip to next available appointment" or trying to match it using the Calendar function that is next to the date.

Step 9: Once you have found an appointment that fits your schedule and is available you will be able to select the following options "In-person, Phone or Video Chat" Select the option that best fits your needs.

Step 10: You will now see the information of your appointment and will need to add additional details like your Callback number and addition information to make the Appointment.

Congratulations you have now scheduled an Advising Appointment for yourself!

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